About Aparna


SlavaBlazerPhotography-60Waking Up!  I was born in India and have always had a deep connection to my spiritual roots, having a morning Havana(fire ceremony) practice and waking up at the crack of dawn was something that I practiced with my Grandmother since the age of 5. But after migrating to the US with my parents’ at a young age, I became more focused on pursuing my education, my spiritual practices became more sporadic in the wake of pursuing my MBA and becoming successful, living the American Dream!

I have now worked in the corporate world for nearly 20 years with Corporations, Startups and Governments from around the world, I found myself constantly searching for success and my true life calling!  As a top performing Corporate Sales Executive at a premier consulting firm, I won “President’s Club” three years in a row but was still not totally happy.  I thought I had my dream job working with the venture capitalists in Silicon Valley running an investment research practice, and then (wham!) the financial market crashed in 2008.  I was, once again, scrambling to find my true calling.  Then, I was offered a uniquely exciting opportunity as an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellow at the US Department of State, focusing on President Obama’s vision of job creation around the world.  I took the opportunity to travel to places of the World as a US Diplomat teaching Entrepreneurs and building out Ecosystems to foster Innovation. Living in Silicon Valley, I have always been passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and Startups transform their dreams into reality.

Although I have had a unique and eventful professional path, I never felt truly dialed into my life calling, my passion still awaits to be unleashed.

Several years ago, I met an amazing Yogic Master and decided to travel to India to stay in his Ashram in South India and immerse myself into the spiritual discipline of living like a Yogi.  Although a big change from my Silicon Valley hangouts, it was a profound homecoming for me.  A true wake up! I was surrounded by tons of spiritually realized beings and Bramacharis who dedicated their lives to their spiritual quest and their Master.  So foreign to the concept of seeking success, they life in the moment and are focused on serving the World! I was hooked! Since that trip over 7 years ago, I have been so inspired and committed myself to my own personal transformation. Since then I have been to India every year to deepen my spiritual practices, I studied the Ancient Traditional Yogic practices and now passionately teach, yoga, meditation and the art of living an mindful life. Several years ago, I had a deep kundalini awakening experince that moved me to really Wake Up to the beauty of life, an Awakening beyond Words!   But the challenge became, how to integrate my spiritual life to my professional work. That is what inspired me to share my experiences and inspire professionals to life a more fulfilling, joyful life by connecting to their inner being. As professionals in today’s demanding world it is imperative to explore and adopt a conscious discipline that allows us to show up as our authentic selves filled with passion and joy. The inner journey is the deepest commitment to the beauty that lies within all of us.

Waking up, I am truly passionate about sharing, teaching and living an awakened life that allows me to be my true self and share the transformation with the world. Sharing my experiences provides me a profound possibility of making a difference in the World today!

Waking up to a Conscious World of awakened and blissful being is my life’s passion!

Contact me @ info@becorporateyogi.com