Seva = Service

“How deeply you can touch another life, is how rich your life is. May you have much opportunity to profoundly impact lives around you.”    – Sadhguru

I have had the priveleged of spending time and sponsoring Isha Vidya kids to provide quality education for rural India.  Isha Vidhya provides a scalable approach to providing quality education within the limitations present in underdeveloped, rural communities. Isha Vidhya was developed under the guidance of its parent organization, Isha Foundation.

Some Context:

  • India’s population continues to grow and is now well beyond one billion
  • The majority of India’s population lives below minimum subsistence levels, surviving on an income of less than US $2 per day
  • Over 75% of India’s population lives in villages that lack adequate access to basics like water, power and education

We all have to opportunity to make a difference and sponsor a child for $240 per year per child. 

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